The Celebrant Academy

We are passionate about Celebrancy – and especially about the importance and responsibility of that role. We are excited by the increasing awareness of celebrant led ceremonies, and we aware that momentum will continue to grow as people realise they can make many more choices about their landmark ceremonies, and have ceremony for any important moment in life. These are changing times we are living in, and we can truly make a difference in the world and in people’s lives in the most fulfilling, and sometimes challenging way.

We have come together from very different walks of life, but one thing we are all passionate about is celebrancy and creating a community of like-minded individuals who can lead ceremony from the heart. Today we offer to you a course to allow a personal awakening and training that reaches beyond ‘teaching’ you how to become a celebrant.

Our philosophy

We hold a deep-rooted philosophy of understanding oneself. To understand and love oneself allows us to do the same for others.

our future

We will continue to raise the standards of celebrancy and support others on their journey of personal understanding and awakening.

The Celebrant Academy

The Founder

Melanie Sopp ~ Founder & Course Leader

After training with the One Spirit Interfaith Seminary for two years I was ordained as a non denominational minister in July 2011. My calling and ministry has since been one offering spiritual counselling and companionship, particularly working with people at the end of life, and creating ceremonies including many funeral and memorial services. I am passionate about creating and delivering personal and deeply meaningful ceremonies and supporting families through all of life’s landmark events – whether that be new life celebrations, rites of passage, joining together ceremonies and end of life tributes. I have also worked with the Interfaith Seminary as a mentor and supervisor for student ministers and as a trainer for another celebrant training organisation. I am now proud to have brought into being The Celebrant Academy working with others wishing to become celebrants, to work with them to be able to create all ceremonies, in a heart led way. We are building a wonderful community of Family Celebrants who are supporting each other and the people they serve – as well as offering continued support and development for the future. If you are looking for a unique and exciting course which is transformational in a personal and professional way please do give us a call.