Carol Brankin

I cannot easily express the wonder of this course. People ask me, ‘what are you training to do?’. I answer ‘I am training to be a celebrant, but this course is so much more than that’.

I am so glad I chose to train with Mel at The Celebrant Academy. I did look into other training providers before making my decision, but they didn’t seem right for me. After speaking to Mel on the phone, I knew The Celebrant Academy was the right place for me.

We have been meeting as a group, for a weekend, once a month since April. We have covered baby naming’s, rites of passage, weddings and funerals. Each weekend has been amazing and has been delivered in an appropriate way for the ceremonies that we have covered. We have written a number of different ceremonies that are unique and written from the heart. No scripts here! Every ceremony will be as individual as the individual.

It has been an absolute pleasure to have been part of the course that The Celebrant Academy have run. The support is fantastic and we have grown into the role more and more each time we meet. 

The other people on the course are wonderful, we are all so different but it just works. We have all bought so much to this practical learning environment. I don’t think any of us would have benefited from sitting behind a desk being taught to do things in a particular way.

Our learning environment feels very safe and very true. We have so much respect for each other. Mel and Ellie are just wonderful and full of experience.

We all know that when we step out into the world as celebrants, we will be fully equipped to deal with whatever comes our way. We have been on our own personal journeys so that we may help others with theirs.

There is so much more to this role than people would expect. I know that I made the right decision to carry out a role that will be such a great honour.

If you are thinking of training to become a celebrant I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending Mel and The Celebrant Academy.

Thank you.

Carol Brankin – Newly qualified celebrant! 

‘Whatever you do, do it with love’

The Celebrant Academy

The Celebrant Academy

Havovie Bomanji

It was only after my own father’s funeral where we chose to have a celebrant conduct the ceremony that I realised an opportunity was being presented to me to utilise skills I had been inadvertently developing over the last couple of decades.

However, I had no idea when I enrolled in The Celebrant Academy just how much personal growth, warmth, wisdom, and love I would be enveloped in.

This is not a course for people who are looking simply for money making opportunities and scripted ceremonies. This is a ‘soul inspired’ course that will allow your creativity to burst forth in wondrous and magical ways. You will learn how to create personal ceremonies and touch the hearts of all those you connect with.

As a Samaritan I thought my listening skills were already pretty good, however, this course showed me how very much we can still learn if we are open to it. This course is very much about genuine personal growth, not always easy, but definitely life changing in the most positive ways.

For those who are contemplating change in their lives, who are perhaps at a crossroads, I wholeheartedly recommend this course. I know there are others available, but none that will do the heart-centred work, healing and learning that we have all been given here…

Havovie Bomanji

Helen Ward

I had been thinking of becoming a celebrant for some time and had looked at a wide range of training providers. When I saw the advert for The Celebrant Academy I instinctively knew this was the right time and, most importantly, with the right person.

I have been fortunate to have known Mel for a number of years. My expectations of the course and its quality have been totally exceeded. Mel really does walk her talk and is one of the most authentic, caring, and passionate professionals you will meet. Her personal and professional integrity is what really sets her and this training apart.

The journey you take with The Celebrant Academy is not for the faint hearted as becoming a celebrant is so much more than what many perceive it to be. Mel has expertly created a learning environment and syllabus that has enabled us all to grow, create, develop and become celebrants and so much more.


If you are looking for a tick-box, pre-prepared scripts, get-rich-quick type of training, then this will definitely not be the right choice for you.

Having now done the training I feel so well prepared to carry out any ceremony and to support families and couples with greater meaning and authenticity. In addition, knowing that I have the ongoing support and supervision from Mel makes a huge difference.

If you want to be the best you can possibly be and offer the highest form of service and quality to families, then you have come to the right place.

Helen Ward

The Celebrant Academy

Jason Cleary

When I first thought about becoming a celebrant like many others I scoured the internet for possible training. Then a family member gave me Melanie and The Celebrant Academy’s phone number. I contacted Mel and 30 seconds into the call I knew this was the way I needed to go. Not only did she make me feel relaxed, she made me believe in what she did and how she was going to get me to the best place possible. How did I know this? The first thing Mel asked me was ‘why?’ Other places never asked ‘why’, they only went on to tell me ‘why’.

I came to an open event and after meeting Mel and Ellie I knew I made the right choice. 6 months later I have grown so much not just as a person but a believer in what I and others can achieve. Over this time, I have met some lovely people who have also made my life richer.

If I could describe what I have learned in a phrase it would be that this is the right way for inner growth after support and I now feel part of a great community. I know when I step into the world on my own I have the back and support of this group and know that if I experience difficult times I can always pick up the phone, text or even meet up and any one of them will be there to help.

So, thank you The Celebrant Academy because my life is so much richer for this.

Jason Cleary