We believe in family celebrants who are able to offer ceremony for life

Our approach to celebrant training is unique

Our aim is to provide a comprehensive and inspiring program of knowledge, guidance and self discovery for those who have a desire to evolve into the role of celebrant. The course itself is dynamic and fluid, encompassing a combination of experiential and study based learning.

Tailored to you

There is of course the opportunity for you to develop your writing skills and understanding of organisational structures, but this is much more than that.  By going beyond a purely classroom based and perhaps sterile training course there is an invitation to  take a journey of  personal awakening and self discovery alongside other amazing people who all have a calling to do this too.

This alchemy will greatly enhance your awareness of self and of others and will empower you to create the most beautiful, meaningful and unique ceremonies.

New beginnings

Growing and developing

Continued Development and Support

Being a celebrant is equal parts challenging and rewarding. We will not teach you how to avoid grief, but to support the bereaved. As such, you will be fully supported and encouraged in your journey, and your training, and beyond;  by your peers, mentors, and tutors, so that you feel well equipped and confident to work with families to co-create personalised ceremonies for all of life’s defining moments.

We believe deeply that being a celebrant is much more than marketing yourself to funeral directors, families, and couples. We are family celebrants, providing pastoral support for families who might not be part of a religious denomination.

We appreciate this is a passion of the heart as well as a career.

Baby Namings & Blessings

Welcoming new life into our world and naming ceremonies

Weddings, commitment ceremonies, vow taking

Walk with couples beginning a new life together or renewing their commitment to each other

Other rites of passage

Graduations, special birthdays, retirement, new steps in life

Funeral services

Unique celebrations of life and services of remembrance

Are you ready?

If you feel compelled to start your journey, contact us and say hello!

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